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We are a team of experts who specialise in developing and delivering to you the best online Mind-Nutrition-Body Integrated Programmes that you need in order to enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing.



Ana has an adventurous and active spirit that has led her to explore challenging physical and psychological disciplines. She is fascinated by the mind-body connection which has stimulated her learning in practices like psychology, martial arts, personal training and CrossFit group coaching.


Ana’s professional passion lies in the understanding of stress, anxiety and its disorders. She often works with clients experiencing low mood, low self-esteem, weight management difficulties and with those who wish to build personal resilience and assertiveness.  

Ana believes that a person needs to be seen as a whole and that their potential can be realised in whatever circumstances they are in. In our Online Wellness Programmes Ana promotes healthy thinking and behaviour which then enhances ones wellbeing, physical health and personal empowerment. 


Services: Psychological Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Workshops

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Mantra for life: Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars.

Dr Ana Georgieva

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Dr Shilpa Sreenath

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Shilpa has such a vivacious character that it is impossible not to get swept away in her unique way of looking at and interacting with the world. She has so much energy and motivation and her love of life is infectious.


Shilpa loves travel and adventure and is not afraid of a challenge. She has been all over the world and experienced many cultures. Not a surprise that her professional stance as a Counselling Psychologist is underpinned by three decades of cross-cultural life experiences. This has shaped her understanding of diverse economical, socio-cultural, and religious contexts to mental health and holistic living.

She is fiercely independent, brave and an inspiration to anyone wanting to take a leap of faith or try something new. In our Online Wellness Programmes she promotes committed practice of self-compassion and self-love.

Services: Psychological Therapy, Hypnotherapy,  Mindfulness, Workshops and training events

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Mantra for Life: Chin up or the Crown slips.


Esin worked in banking sector for 16 years and ended her professional career in 2016 to pursue her calling in wellness practices. Her years in management taught her a great deal about relationships, boundaries, diversity in thoughts and behaviours. 


In her work as an Integrative Health Nutrition Coach, Esin brings her positive energy and light hearted humour with an in-depth expertise in life coaching, Yoga therapy, nutrition, Ayurveda and breathwork.

Her non-judgmental and kind nature is both powerful and soothing in one's journey of self-healing. In our Online Wellness Programmes Esin presents her expertise in Yoga and Pranayama to help you find calm and balance to reconnect with your true self. 

If you are ready for change and committed for a better life, then Esin's expansive knowledge and holistic perspective to health is the right fit for you. 

Services : Health and breathing Coaching, Online live Yoga, Workshops, Group Coaching

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Mantra for life: Only from the heart you can touch

the sky.

Esin Yaygin

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Karen De Souza

Karen is a woman on a never ending mission of gentle self-discovery; lead through the heart and felt through the body.


Being born in South Africa her connection to mother nature and the earth plays an important role in the way she embraces life, raised for the later part of her teen life in the UK, where she formed her adult identity and worked in frontline child protection services.  Karen always had a innate interest in the working of family, relationship dynamics, the impact of childhood experiences and trauma and the choices we make as adults (both conscious and unconscious), on self and our network.


Karen has always been interested how people can be supported to make changes in their lives and is at your service via our Online Wellness Programmes and privately.

Services: Embodied Movement Coaching

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Mantra for Life: How we hold ourselves, the vessel which we inhabit speaks volumes to ourselves, if we listen hard enough to the wisdom of our body we may just find the answers our mind does not have.

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